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The sanding process plays a hugely important role in gaining the 'fantastic floor' finish.


Bristol Wood Floor Sanding Company use the industries finest sanding equipment from Bona. The quality of these products are important, but precision and thought must go into the process, and be planned in relation to the construction of the floor. For example, mosaic, parquet, and herringbone floors must have a different sanding technique to strip flooring and planks.


It is essential to use the correct sanding belts for the condition of the floor. For most floors, a three-step process is sufficient to obtain a high quality surface for sealing.


We generally begin with an abrasive grit belt (16-24-40-50) moving on to an intermediate grit (50-60-80) finishing with a fine grit (100-120-150)


It is inadvisable to skip a grade between the sanding process as the finer grade belt will be unable to remove the deeper abrasions left by the courser belt.


BONA Scrad System


The main area of the floor is sanded with a belt sander (linear) and the edge or edge sander (rotary) is used for the perimeter of the floor. As these are two different forms of sanding, the Scrad system is used to merge the two together to give a more uniformed finish.




Cleaning is fundamental for a good quality finish as airborne dust can cause imperfections in the sealing process.

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Why Wood Floors?

There are many reasons for you to restore your original floor . The first reason, being cost.

Unlike carpet, there are no additional or hidden cost such as underlay grips and fitting, just the price of sanding and sealing.

Wood floors are easy to maintain and clean and wood floors contribute to a healthy living environment that does not attract or harbour dust mites or mould. This creates a better air quality for all inhabitants, especially for those who suffer from allergies.

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